Saturday, December 09, 2006

Zeb's story: The Origin of Power Ranger Gold with Silver Rocket Ships and Power Ranger Gold with Silver Moons

One cloudy dark rainy day, a girl found a cave. Then she went inside and found a piece of gold. She picked it up and ZOOP! she grew up into a full grown woman. 

And then she had two baby boys. Then they grew up as Power Rangers with Gold with Silver Rocket Ships and Gold with Silver Moons. 

Then they died. Then they got buried in a graveyard in England, in front of all the other people because none of those people were Power Rangers.

When King Uther died, the magic got less powerful, but then when Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone; Stripes and Stars came out of the stone, and that made the magic grow bigger. Then when the sword actually came out of the stone, they BOOMED out of their graves. 

That's how they were born. 

Then they moved to Seattle, got their own museum, made their secret hideout (under the foundation of the museum) and then they installed secret hole and ladder in their cave.

The End.

by Zebediah Scott Becker
December 6, 2006